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Now Shipping Made Extremely Easy!

Sail smooth all the way to your destination, wherever it is!

As an international shipping solution, we bear each customer and their needs close to heart and treat every package as if it were our own.

What we strive for is getting a better deal for our customers in shipping packages off to ANYWHERE in the world without worrying about even the most trivial of mishaps and most importantly, an undesirable range of shipping costs.

Global Shipping Made Easy

If you are overseas and want to shop from India, occasionally you would have to go through some hassles in the process. Either your international cards won’t be accepted or order won’t go through on account of you not having Indian credentials mostly.

This is where our Personal Shopper comes in to play. All you have to do is, let us know what you are intending to buy, and we’ll buy it for you!

Let us
Do the Shopping for you!

The most exciting feature of Our Courier is that we reach every nook and cranny of our country. You can schedule a pickup of a package from ANYWHERE in India, and our experts will come to pick it up and dispatch it in just 48 hours; only to any one of our trusted courier partners, for it to reach the destination in just 3-6 days.


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